• Dog Grooming

  • Our Grooming department has been rated Neighborhood Favorite 3 years running, not to mention we have the Top Rated Doodle groomer in North Denver! Pricing for grooming services is dependent on Breed of the animal, pricing will be determined by the groomer as a requested Quote for Service. Walk-In services are available, such as; nail clipping, nail grinding, sanitary trims, ear cleaning, teeth brushing and anal gland expression.

    Services are offered to all breeds of dogs and cats.

    Rabies vaccinations required!

  • Additional Services

    Grooming Add Ons Walk-In Grooming Services
    Paw Balm $5 Anal Gland Expression $17
    Nail Grind $5 Dematting/Brush out 30 min. $25
    Nails Painted $12 Ear Cleaning $7
    Teeth Brushing $10 Sanitary Trim $15
    Blueberry Facial $8 Nails Painted $12
    Dead Sea Mineral Facial $8 Nail Trim $12
    Hydrating Hemp Shampoo $5 Nail Trim & Grind $17
    Deodorizing Peppermint Shampoo $5 Mani/Pedi $20
    De-Shed Small $15
    De-Shed Medium $20
    De-Shed Large(Husky’s) $25
    Lux Service $25